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TOPRA AD Feeder Unit


Function of the Feeder unit
  • Continuous or skip feeding is available with counter.
  • Lead edge feeder system to increase suction for precise and more stable feeding.
  • Variable frequency drive control for vacuum air and pressure can be adjusted to match different size of paperboard.
  • Feeding stroke can be adjusted to reduce pressure of feeding rubber roll.
  • Dust removal system with brush and blower to clean surface of paperboard.
  • Self-locking system adopted for adjusting feeding rolls gap.
  • Motorized and PLC control of feeder side guides.
  • Motorized control of backstop forward/backward position to save set up time.
  • Main motor is protected from starting up when units are not fully closed.
  • The machine is also equipped with an automatic lubricating system that keeps the lubricant levels in each unit uniform at all times.

Specifications subject to change without advance notification.

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