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Established in 1985 Escada prides itself on over 25 years of knowledge and experience in Supervisory Corrugator Control, Materials Handling, Roll Inventory and Order Management Systems for the Corrugated Industry.
The modular, flexible solutions offered by Escada focus on increased productivity, waste reduction, energy conservation and control & traceability.

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Optima – Integrated Rollstock

This Integrated Paper Management System ensures traceability and minimum waste of paper. This system is available using manual input, barcodes and scanners or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and provides a fast return on your investment.

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Syncro 7 – Supervisory Corrugator Control

An innovative system of Supervisory Corrugator Control for both Wet End and Dry End. It helps improving board quality and minimises paper change time, therefore increasing production and reducing waste.

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Profile – Closed-Loop Process Control

Closed loop Process Control which analyses board warp in order to reduce waste and significantly improve the standard of corrugated board produced. The system provides analysis and traceability of production data in order to monitor and evaluate exactly how specific orders or board grades have been run; this information can be used as set-points for future production.

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Vision – Post Corrugator Logistics

Pre-corrugator order generation and post corrugator activities such as Materials Handling, Work in Progress, Conversion and Finished Goods.

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