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DSP – Digital Steam Pump For Condensate

RAS – Baviera DSP – Digital Steam Pump For Condensate

Steam pumps make possible free pressure regulation in steam systems, with energy efficient condensate recovery (high pressure condensate recovery). DSP are usually employed for the condensate recovery in flexible free pressure regulated Hot Plate Sections.

The operation of a DSP steam pump is very easy: each steam pump has a condensate tank provided with a level control, a set of automatic ON/OFF valves and a set of check valves.

When the level controller detects the condensates tank has reached its maximum level, the injection valve (VI) opens automatically pumping/pushing condensate, through the check valve in the outlet, back to the condensate recovery unit. This injection cycle lasts around 10 seconds.

Following injection cycle, the DSP makes a back decompression against the Hot Plate Section steam supply, lasting around 5 seconds. Once the back decompression cycle is finished, a brief atmospheric relief (rounding 2 seconds) prepares the DSP for the next filling cycle.

The condensates recovery system by DSP steam pump works as per the following cycles:

  • Filling cycle from 2 to 5 minutes
  • Back decompression of 5 seconds
  • Atmospheric relief rounding 2 seconds

The whole process is controlled and monitored by a PLC provided with touch screen. All materials in the DSP (check valves, VI, VD, spirals…) are highly reliable and long lasting, thus, a DSP, though apparently complex equipment, really results in a very simple to check, highly reliable and very low maintenance condensate pumping equipment.