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Vertical Work In Progress WIP storage system

In WARALTEC we have the most advanced systems in internal logistics and storage within the corrugated cardboard industry.

WARALTEC is now focused on the vertical intelligent storage for product under process as well as end product or roll storage.
WARALTEC counts on the partnership with a project engineering specialist in stacker cranes, for the application of these technologies in corrugated cardboard plants, for the intermediate product (without palettes) and for the final product (with palettes).

Some of the MAIN ADVANTAGES, which make this system be part of building projects and remodeling factories, are:

  • Important increase on storage capacity with the same available m2 surface in the factory, crucial for factories with not enough manufacturing floor available. This also allows big savings for new factories, that can be designed with smaller areas.
  • Maximum installation simplicity and safety for the operators.
  • Minimum installed electrical power (90% reduction of installed power), thusminimum exploitation costs.
  • Minimum maintenance costs, due to the high reduction on the number of motors, cells, drivers, etc.
  • Investment costs substantially lower than the traditional flat storage systems, using conveyor belts or rollers.
  • Maximum versatility: the board piles are ALL available and, due to this, it is not necessary the fifo scheduling any more.
  • Higher Drying capacity of the board coming from the corrugator by the chimney effect of the vertical storage, especially crucial for those factories whichproduce big amounts of heavy board boxes for agricultural products.
  • Optimum use of the store area, thanks to the variable telemetry system and telescopic forks, exclusively applied by WARALTEC, it is possible to load till 3 piles up different orders into a same cell of 3m width x 2,5m depth. The cell’s lenght usually corresponds to the width of the corrugator. This allows a bigger efficiency of each cell and indeed for the whole system.
  • Effect ” separating wall ” of the vertical storage that delimits perfectly the corrugator area from the converting (for example, noise reduction wall).
See below some images of the vertical storage system without pallet:

The vertical storage system allows a maximum usage of the storage space and it has an enormous versatility, as every pile is ready to be used at any time. No belt cycles are needed.

Only one stacker crane robot takes care of the supply of board piles, once these are ready. Hence, the vertical storage system without palette is a simple and intelligent option.

Provide to your factory the maximum productivity and growth capacity; trust us to study your case.

WARALTEC is able to design, manufacture and install completely the WIP system of the cardboard movement, from the exit of the stacker to the delivery of the end product.

Thanks to the iMove software from WARALTEC, we keep track of all movement of each board stack from its manufacturing to the converting line without labeling.

It identifies the blocks of every order with a different color. In such way, the operator finds easily what is searching for -just looking at the factory drawing that appears on the PC screen.


  • First class plastic material.
  • Maximum mechanical robustness on the structure and on the transmissions (shafts, bearings, pinions, couplings, etc).
  • Full automatization with first class electronic brand names and off-the-shelf elements.
  • Unique iMove programming and available with remote access via Ethernet.
  • Ongoing Quality and professionalism during the installation.