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APSTAR HG Die-Cutter Unit

Function of the Die-Cutting Unit

  • Servo motor drive system (optional).
  • The anvil drum transverse movement is in the range of 50mm.
  • The die-cutting register is controlled by PLC.
  • The lateral register is controlled by PLC(±10mm).
  • The caliper between the anvil roll and die drum is controlled by PLC.
  • The feeding rings can move quickly.
  • The caliper of the feeding rolls is controlled by PLC.

Function of the Micro-grind System
  • The system can maintain a consistent blank size.
  • The system can prolong the anvil cover service time.
  • The system can reduce the amount of down time on the machine.
  • The system makes the finished quality of the die cutting better.
  • The system can reduce overall maintenance work.
  • The system can significantly reduce the anvil cover rotation time.
  • The system remove 0.02mm from the surface of anvils every 10,000 sheets while the machine is running.It also adjusts the anvil speed to accommodate for the reduced diameter,thereby maintaining the correct anvil surface speed.
Specifications subject to change without advance notification.