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TOPRA AD Slotting Unit

Function of the Slotting Unit

  • Single shaft double knives slotter structure,an internal gear adjusts height of carton box and prevents lubricate oil from spilling or leaking onto the paperboard.
  • Pre-creaser and creaser for optimal scoring quality.
  • Upper creasing roll covered by anvil ring,so paperboard is not damaged easily.
  • Slotting bosses move along linear bearings and are driven by lead screws for flexible and precise movement.
  • Upper boss and lower boss are coupled to keep the two knives aligned while moving,which is helpful to prolong service life.
  • Slotting register and height of carton box are digitally controlled by motor and PLC.
  • Transversal movement of the pre-creasing rolls, creasing rolls, and slotting bosses’ are digitally controlled by motor and PLC.
  • Motorized controls of the slotting bosses caliber.
  • Self-locking caliber adjustment of pre-creaser and creaser.
  • A protective device prevents the slotting knife from crashing when the height of the carton box is adjusted.
  • Flexible angle cutting knife can cut 3 or 5 ply paperboard with no adjustment. Easy to operate.
  • Hand hole-punching dies can be adopted.

Specifications subject to change without advance notification.