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FlexyFeed Prefeeder from EDF Europe

FlexyFeed Pre Feeder

FlexyFeed Introduction:

The new Flexyfeed prefeeder for corrugated board is the most advanced machine of its type on the market today. Designed to address the very issues that for years have limited the speed and efficiency constraints of other machines on the market, the FlexyFeed provides true non-stop operation without operator intervention.
Flexyfeed is suitable to feed any bottom printing machine present on the market like slotters, rdc, casemakers or flat bed die cutters.
Thank to the option reverse, it possible to use it on top printing machiens too.
The flexyfeed is a high performance machine and very flexyble , main features are:

  • Loading conveyor and bundle lift is comprised of a modular plastic chain which allows the linear transport of very small or unstable products.
  • Intermediate module “Up and Down” which enables you to develop the bundles avoiding any gaps on the shingling during the upstream machine feeding process.
  • Integrated bundle equalizer capable of perfectly aligning the product flow to the upstream machine squares. In case of special jobs, the equalizer can also work off center to the machine axis due to the employment of a dual motorization system.
  • New vertical motorized shingling strip which allows the constant and even shingling of the board and is designed to work in three different ways: non-stop, alternating or bundle-fed.
  • Telescopic web output module with adjustable fixing height unit. It can be adjusted
    to any type of introduction benches existing on the marketplace since it is always
    positioned horizontally and can ensure perfect sheet transport.
  • Total absence of hydraulic components. All drives and actuators are either electric or pneumatic, and all the important functions are controlled by AC Servomotors.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Total modularity allowing to customize the machine according to your needs by using
    the various blocks available. This also enables you to facilitate the transport in containers and, in any case, to avoid the employment of special means, thus ensuring
    quick installation with reduced downtimes.
  • Control of the sheet feeding operations on the upstream machine introduction bench. The inspection is carried out by a laser meter to ensure constant product loading.
  • In addition, the machine has all the typical features of this kind of equipment, such as easy and smart colour touch screen operator-interface, on which any kind of job changeover setting up and various adjustments can be carried out, including the automatic rejection of the basic sheets or of the pallet.

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