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JB’s KleenPlate™, The Plate Wash Eliminator

Why wash plates when KleenPlate eliminates the need altogether?

KleenPlate™, the PlateWash Eliminator is specifically engineered to maximize the productivity and quality of flexographic direct print on corrugated paperboard.

KleenPlate Benefits:

    • Continuous printing without stoppages for plate washing
    • Immediately return to print after production breaks with no plate washing
    • Near perfect solids on all substrates
    • Minimized ink piling/plugging, bridging and drying on printing plates
    • Minimized color variation
    • decrease in sheet wraps
    • Substantial reduction in plate damage
    • Significant waste reduction
    • Improved operator confidence and higher yields per shift
    • Rapid Return on Investment
Productivity – By continuously wiping the image areas of the plates (cliches/stereos) clean, KleenPlate allows flexo printing operations to run without the typical need to constantly interrupt production to wash plates.

Quality – KleenPlate continuously removes a fine layer of ink, paper dust and debris from the plate image areas. This minimizes, if not eliminates – Hickies, caused by paper dust and debris – Color variation, dot gain and image growth, caused by ink plugging, drying and bridging.

The results are dramatic increases in productivity and quality, especially when printing jobs with high value graphics or large solid print areas.


Wipe Modes:


  • Continuous Wipe
  • Quick Set Wipe Zones
  • Spot Clean
  • Pressure Spot Clean

Watch Video

Watch KleenPlate Traversing Plate Image and KleenWipe Cloth Advance, video

Watch KleenPlate Spot Hickey Removal Procedure video