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RollerBond – Double Backer Nip Control System

RollerBond – Double Backer Nip Control System

An independent unit designed to provide the required pressure at the crucial double backer entry nip point, where the liner and fluting are combined, forming the single or double wall profile. Five heavy duty, precision engineered solid steel rolls engineered into a robust sub frame allow for easy installation on all makes of double backers. Designed to provide the correct pressure for effective bonding, preventing poor contact and potential ‘double kiss’ issues. The system encompasses pneumatic lifting cylinders that enable fine adjustment where required when running micro flutes and/or speciality paper combinations.

Why Rollerbond:

A proven solution to maximise the performance of the initial bond between fluting and liners at the entry section of the Double Backer. RollerBond enables glue application to be reduced whilst still maintaining excellent and even glue lines. The system prevents poor contact, flute crush, double kiss issues and excessive hotplate wear. Engineered to fit an any Double Backer over one weekend providing a fast return on investment.

Advantages of Rollerbond

  • Increased bonding performance.
  • Decrease glue application.
  • Even glue lines.
  • Reduced hotplate wear.
  • No flute crush.
  • Accurate pressure application.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Precision engineered solid steel rollers.
  • Retro fit to any Double Backer.
  • Quick installation.
  • Fast return on investment.