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EDF Europe

EDF Europe

EDF is a global leader in the manufacture of peripheral and converting equipment for the corrugated industry. As well as operating the European Design and Manufacture arm of Flexo Manufacturer Dong Fang, EDF is also a manufacturer of  high quality solutions for the corrugated packaging industry offering a wide range of peripheral equipment (Prefeeders, Stripper stackers, Load formers, Pallet dispenser, Pallet feeder, Bundle breakers) and all facets of board handling.

The companies have two production sites in Italy; Treviso and Bologna.

EDF Europe team is made by industry’s professionals located in the main european countries, the headquarter is in Bologna ITALY where sales,technical, logistic and administration are based.

The team is able to approach any converting problems by proposing integrated state of the art solutions which perfectly fits in the customer requirements for: Safety, Performance, Quality and Price.

EDF FlexyStack Vacuum Stacker for Rotary Die Cutters
EDF FlexyStack Vacuum Stacker For Rotary Die-Cutters Introduction The FlexyStack Vacuum Stacker for the Rotary Die-Cutter is the answer to the bottle neck on many machines. It’s smooth all-servo driven vacuum transport makes for perfect batched bundles of boxes on even the most demanding die-cut applications. The more »
FlexyFeed Pre Feeder FlexyFeed Introduction: The new Flexyfeed prefeeder for corrugated board is the most advanced machine of its type on the market today. Designed to address the very issues that for years have limited the speed and efficiency constraints of other machines on the market, the more »
FlexyStack Stacker – Bundle & High Pile Available formats : 2400 – 2800 – 3200 – 4100 Model It is well known that one of the major progresses that has permitted the evolution of the rotary die cutter market has been the great improvement obtained with the more »
FeedPal Pallet Inserter The management of the empty pallets inside the factory is a big problem for many operations, this issue has several implications on many fronts such as: Space: the empty pallets needs empty aisle to be delivered at every converting machine side, often this spaces more »
FlexyBreak Bundle Breaker Available formats : 1600 – 2100 The EDF Europe bundle breaker is suitable to be fitted even on rotary or flat bed die cutters. The machine separates nicks in between die cut blanks in one direction only. The separator is composed by two grippers more »
FlexyPal Load Former Available formats : 1616 – 2016 – 2416 – 2816 The flexypal palletizer for corrugated paperboard has been designed to satisfy the need of complex paletisation projects where it’s necessary to combine high automation level with an effective use of the space in term more »
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