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TOPRA GD Printer Unit

TOPRA GD Print Unit

Function of the TOPRA GD Printer unit

“Graphics sell boxes”, this is the mantra at the core of the Dong Fang TOPRA GD Printer Unit design. With all the features that you would expect on a state-of-the art print unit including a ceramic anilox roll, molded chamber system, vacuum transfer & twin pump ink supply system. This is a machine that will be setting the quality benchmark for the fine balance of quality and performance in your plant. Registration at high speeds is not trouble thanks to the vacuum sheet transfer system with ceramic coated wheels. Productivity is also high on the agenda with an auto wash on the run function.

    • Available with either the Matthews or the Quick-Lock Plate mounting systems each with lateral adjustment of the print cylinder.
    • Pneumatic clutch control of the anilox roll.This provides added functionality by:(a)making the roll run at the same speed as the main motor when the unit is printing;(b)making the roll stop when the unit is not printing;(c)reducing the possibility of damage to the rubber and anilox rolls during improper operation;and(d)the unit can be cleaned while the machine is in production.
    • The printing register is controlled by PLC.
    • The lateral printing register is controlled by PLC(±10mm).
    • The caliper of the impression roll is controlled by PLC.
    • The caliper of the inking roll and anilox roll is controlled by PLC.
    • A fixed device for the printing register and brake for the electromagnetic clutch is used when the unit is opened. Upon closing the unit,the positions are precisely restored so the unit is ready for production without adjustment.
    • The machine also allows for automatic ink washing which improves ink recollection.
TOPRA GD Print Unit 2 - Chambered or Single Blade

Features of the Chamber Doctor Blade/Single Blade Inking System

  • Upper and lower doctor blades form a chamber around the anilox roll to stabilize the ink and improve ink metering and printing results.
  • Wide mouth chamber design for improved wetting of the anilox roll.
  • Diaphragm ink pump with filter,ink mixer,and low level ink detector.
  • Auto-wash and Wash-while-Run are standard on all print units.


Specifications subject to change without advance notification.