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Roll Stand & Splicer Link M2

Roll Stand & Splicer Link M2

The Link automatic splicer provides the latest automatic splicing technology, integrating precision and reliability through simplistic design. Constructed on a robust support frame to complement bridge integration the Link operates within a range of splicing speeds up to 450 mpm. for the optimum running of paper rolls on the corrugator. It can be associated with our rollstand model Stand M2, available with manual or semiautomatic roll loading system.
The Link essentially consists of two splice preparation units, two splice heads, an accelerator roll and a festoon management area. The two fixed splice preparation units are conveniently located at each end of the machine position providing simple, quick and safe splice preparation for the operator. Each splice preparation unit consists of an alignment roller, a support bar for the splice preparation, and a contact bar that serves to hold the paper firmly in place while the operator applies the double-sided splicing tape without the need for vacuum preparation bars.

Once the splice tape has been prepared the operator simply initiates the machine to go into splice position via the push button console. The system automatically positions the prepared paper into exactly the correct position ready for the splice cycle, eliminating any possibility of operator error due to improper indexing. Fixed splice head positions ensure automatic tail-grabbing is accurate and reliable.

A motorised mobile carriage houses the two splicing heads which consist of the cutting knife, the upper nip splicing roller and brake. The carriage automatically aligns the correct splice head into position according to which of the two splice stations is to be used. To initiate the splice sequence the brake automatically drops down to hold and stop the expiring paper. Then in a single action, actuated by a solitary pneumatic cylinder, the blade cuts the expiring paper while a high pressure rotating nip is created to ensure true adhesion of the two papers. The simultaneous action bonds the leading edge of the new paper to the expiring tail, accurately completing the splice within 0.25s. No impact nor hammer type mechanisms are required. The result is a true zero tail splice at maximum line speeds.


An AC driven accelerator roll is located at the paper exit end of the machine to improve overall pulling control as well as facilitating paper thread up. It serves to rapidly and securely brake the web on the old roll and to accelerate the web from the new roll back to line speed. The accelerator roll works in perfect equilibrium with the splicer’s servo controlled double-roll dancer assembly to automatically monitor and maintain constant web tension at all times throughout the splice sequence. A precise amount of festoon is created during the splice cycle to provide the correct web tension according to actual paper running speed. The Link is fitted as standard with touch-screen with on-screen diagnostics and maintenance procedure controls. The machine is equipped with an array of guarding and E-stop devices to ensure safe operation.


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