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Single Facer – Smart

Single Facer – Smart

The Smart single facer is a high speed, quick flute change, cassette machine, housed in a very heavy duty, rigid cast iron frame. The massive, low-vibration construction, and low center of gravity ensure the smoothest running on all flute types. The finely adjustable pressure roll is vertically off-set from the corrugating rolls to further reduce vibrations.
Roll change is accomplished through either side of the machine in as little as 10 minutes utilizing a motorized cart. All hydraulics have been eliminated from the single facer and have been engineered into the cart, resulting in a simple, reliable machine.

The differential design of the corrugating rolls greatly reduces the flute forming labyrinth, dramatically reducing paper tension and allowing optimum flute formation. The corrugating rolls are peripherally heated for virtually instantaneous heating across the surface, preventing condensate problems, and eliminating the need for siphon pipes (The live steam is cascaded first through the upper corrugating roll then to the lower corrugating roll, followed by its flow into the pre-conditioner roll where the condensate is removed). The corrugating rolls are supplied either in chrome or tungsten coated according to customer preference and flute type.


Perfect bond is maintained via the beltless extended nip system which provides a very large wrap around the upper, larger diameter corrugating roll. In addition, positive pressure holds the medium to the upper corrugating roll, providing optimal heat transfer into the medium. The pressure roll gap is automatically adjusted for various board grades and production speeds. The result is maximum production flexibility allowing all grades of paper, from lightest to the heaviest to be run simply and effectively via the automatic engagement of the pressure roll. This concept virtually eliminates pressure lines.

The Smart design incorporates a perfectly aligned 90-degree angle between the applicator roll and the flute tips. The unit continuously monitors this process, assuring the precise quantity of adhesive is applied to the flute tips.

High speed glue dam control guarantees adhesive is applied precisely to the outer edges of the medium. For cleaning and maintenance the entire glue unit is pivoted away from the main unit at the push of a button, where an automatic wash-up cycle is initiated.