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The all new APSTAR HG2 Rotary Die-Cutter & Flexo Folder Gluer is Released

2015 Dong Fang Machinery Range Released

During the 2014 Open House, Dong Fang released several new models to the market.
At the centre of the releases is the all new APSTAR HG2.
For many years the APSTAR has been at the centre of Dong Fang’s export market.
The original APSTAR Bottom printing Rotary Die-Cutter was released in 1998 and 77 sets were sold before the APSTAR HG (High Gear) replaced it in 2008. The HG has enjoyed immense success, with more than 102 sets in the market place.
This year sees the launch of the upgraded model the APSTAR HG2

HG Line

The Feeder Unit

Feeder 1

  • Continuous or skip feeding is available
  • Sun Feeder or optional servo feeder
  • Automatic PLC motorised feed stroke adjustment to improve feeding register
  • Variable speed motor in vacuum fan for precise feeding of lightweight boards
  • The machine also offers a dust removing system with both brush and anti-static device
  • PLC control for feeding roll gap setting
  • PLC control for side guides setting
  • PLC control for backstop setting

The Printer Unit

Printer 1

  • Increased width of Side Frames from 689mm to 900mm, increased size allows for full sized JB Dryers and KleenPlate on the same unit
  • Increased number of reduced diameter transfer rollers for improved registration on smaller sheet sizes
  • Manual Skew Adjustment for Printing Plates
  • Available with either the Matthews or the Quick-Lock Plate mounting systems
  • The printing register is controlled by PLC
  • The lateral printing register is controlled by PLC(±10mm)
  • The caliper of the impression roll is controlled by PLC
  • The machine also allows for automatic ink washing with ink recovery via both pumps

The Die-Cutting Unit

Die Cutter 1

Die Cutter 2

  • Servo motor drive system for Die Cylinder – Eliminating backlash from your gear train. (optional)
  • Available with either: Pull collars like the HG or the option of direct delivery from the transfer section to the die nip for improved cutting registration
  • The anvil drum transverse movement is in the range of 50mm.
  • The die-cutting register is controlled by PLC
  • The lateral register is controlled by PLC(±10mm)
  • The caliper between the anvil roll and die drum is controlled by PLC.
  • The feeding rings can move quickly
  • The caliper of the feeding rolls is controlled by PLC

Folder Gluer

For the first time ever, the APSTAR is now available as a Flexo Folder Gluer! With the growth of shelf ready packaging (SRP), die-cutting is becoming an important part of RSC production, whether it be for easy-open perf’s or for fully die cut RSC’s.
The APSTAR HG2 is the natural fit for this application as a bottom printing top die-cutting machine.
The Folding Section features full vacuum belts and the counter ejector is the same servo version found on the TOPRA GD Flexo Folder Gluer.

RDC ffg

Apstar FFG